Serge Lartchenko, MD Recognized as “Best Doctor” by D Magazine

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Texas Infectious Disease Institute – Helping Patients When Other Doctors are Stumped

Every year, D Magazine has area medical professionals vote on the very best doctors around for inclusion in its “Best Doctors in Dallas” list. With a track record of helping patients when other doctors are stumped, our very own Dr. Lartchenko was selected as the premier choice for infectious disease treatment in DFW!

The review process begins with D Magazine reaching out to thousands of local doctors to nominate their peers. Every doctor eligible to vote is currently practicing in DFW, so they are aware of the community, and their nomination can be trusted. Once the nominations are collected, a rotating panel of doctors ensures that only the best of the best are awarded.

Within the unique medical specialty of Infectious Disease, Texas Infectious Disease Institute (TIDI) has stood as a solidly trusted leader for many years. And Dr. Lartchenko is at the helm of what is one of the largest infectious disease/infusion clinics in the North Dallas area. Patients come from across the region (and even the state) to see him.

Deeply investigating every case that comes into their practice, a doctor specializing in infectious disease is an invaluable team member within the medical community. Stepping in where other doctors are stumped.

Serge Lartchenko M.D. is a trusted expert among his peers in the Dallas medical community specifically in treating foot infections and wounds related to diabetes, HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis and chronic Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). He has built that reputation through a consistent ability to handle difficult cases that have challenged other doctors.

Texas Infectious Disease Institute is many doctors’ first consideration when they need to refer a patient for infections that complicate surgeries. Whether it be an infection of a prosthesis or a surgical site infection, Dr. Lartchenko is many doctor’s first contact when dealing with an aggressive infection. With nearly 5% of all prosthetics resulting in infection, Dr. Lartchenko plays a crucial role in the wellness of this patient group.

Not only that, but Texas Infectious Disease Institute is a community authority in the treatment of HIV and AIDs. Dr. Lartchenko trained at the nationally recognized HIV Outpatient Program Clinic (HOP) in New Orleans and ever since, he’s had a passion for treating the difficult HIV cases. Treatment options are constantly expanding and the team at Texas Infectious Disease Institute is happy to be at the forefront of care.

Another condition Dr. Lartchenko places at the center of his practice is chronic UTI infections. As the second-most common infection in the US, UTIs are rarely taken as seriously as they should be. Doctors trust the team at Texas Infectious Disease Institute to aggressively treat infections while providing a series of antibiotics that can effectively treat even resistant bacteria such as MRSA.

Dr. Lartchenko is proud to have been recognized – especially by his peers – for inclusion in the “Best Doctors in Dallas” list in D Magazine. Combining his incredibly hands-on patient care with the convenience of on-site testing and infusions have helped Dr. Lartchenko truly stand out.

Dr. Lartchenko offers comprehensive, convenient treatment in a caring and confidential setting. If you or someone you love is suffering from a serious infection or a chronic infectious disease, please reach out. We can help.