Cellulitis Patient Story

What Can an Infectious Disease Specialist Do for My Skin Infection?

When surgical nurse G.H. had to undergo major surgery for repair of an abdominal hernia and a hiatal hernia post gastrectomy, the last thing she expected was complications. “I had hoped to be back to work within four to six weeks but it has now been more than four months and I am still unable to return to work,” she said. “It has greatly affected my life.”

G.H., who is originally from England, enjoys traveling and scuba diving, but her recent health issues have kept her from enjoying many of the activities she used to enjoy.

Not long after her surgery, G.H. developed cellulitis, a spreading bacterial infection of the skin and tissues beneath the skin. It is not uncommon for cellulitis to appear in areas where the skin has broken open, such as surgical wounds. Symptoms include redness, pain, tenderness, itchy skin, swelling, rash and warmth of the affected area. Cellulitis is not contagious.

G.H. was referred to Texas Infectious Disease Institute and began receiving weekly IV antibiotics to help clear up the infection. “While it’s not fun going to the doctor every week, I can tell you the entire staff at Texas Infectious Disease Institute make it so much better,” she said. “They are all so pleasant and they know me by name. I never wait more than a few minutes for my appointment and I appreciate that. They always try to make my appointment as pleasant as possible.”

G.H. appreciates that Dr. Lartchenko and his staff go the extra mile for her and she feels confident about the care she is receiving. She looks forward to the day (hopefully very soon!) that she can go back to caring for patients instead of being a patient herself.