Diabetic Patient Story

Type 2 Diabetes Complications are No Problem for Dr. Lartchenko

Garland resident J.S. has dealt with Type 2 Diabetes for so long, he can’t even recall how many years he has endured the condition. As a dispatcher for a local trucking company, J.S. works long hours. When he has time to relax, he enjoys spending time at home (a house his parents built in the early 1970s) with his 17-year old daughter.

So when he developed diabetic ulcers on the bottom of his feet in 2015, it was more than just an inconvenience. “They got infected and I was in for surgery almost right away,” said J.S. When he was released from the hospital, J.S. was referred to Serge Lartchenko, MD, of Texas Infectious Disease Institute. Dr. Lartchenko started him on infusion therapy with high dose powerful antibiotics. “It helped right away,” he said. “There is no infection left and I am healing up just fine.”

In spite of his health condition, J.S. keeps a positive outlook and doesn’t take himself too seriously. “I tend to try to be a comedian and the whole staff at Dr. Lartchenko’s office is just great to deal with,” said J.S. “They are all a lot of fun and very accommodating. The office is nice and clean without feeling too sterile like a hospital. I would highly recommend Dr. Lartchenko to anyone.”

Texas Infectious Disease Institute is proud to help people like J.S. everyday. Our commitment is provide a sense of ease in those with infectious diseases. Diabetes can complicate a number of other health conditions, but we believe you can overcome these issues with the help of our infectious disease expertise. Don’t let the complications associated with diabetes control your life; Dr. Lartchenko and the whole Texas Infectious Disease Institute team are committed to improving the quality of life for those with diabetes.