Hepatitis Patient Story

Finally, an Option to Live Without Hepatitis C

After living with Hepatitis C for about 20 years, K.S. who resides in McKinney, Texas, was ready to be cured. The 60-year old had done his research. After moving from the east coast to Texas last year, K.S. did his due diligence in finding a doctor who would partner with him to achieve his goal of living his life completely healthy and free from Hepatitis C, an infection caused by a virus that attacks the liver and is transmitted by infected blood.

K.S. had researched a new drug HARVONI, a prescription medicine used to eradicate chronic hepatitis C. The breakthrough treatment is showing tremendous promise for patients with this type of infection. In clinical studies, 96-99% of patients with hep C genotype 1 who had no prior treatment were cured with just 12 weeks of therapy. Cure means the hep C virus is not detected in the blood when measured three months after treatment is completed.

“I met with Dr. Lartchenko and told him that I wanted to try it,” said K. S. “He is very thorough and looked into it for me. He agreed it was a good option for me and away we went.”

Today, K.S. is considered cured of the hepatitis C he has lived with for decades. He has tested negative at each check-up for the last six months. “I feel so much better and healthier,” he said.

K.S. appreciates Dr. Lartchenko’s caring demeanor and his thorough approach to patient care. “I respect his medical opinion but I also appreciate that I can talk to him as a friend,” said K.S. Texas Infectious Disease Institute aims to provide this quality of life improvement to anyone dealing with difficult infections throughout North Dallas.