Center for Surgical and Orthopedic Infectious Disease

Dallas’ Trusted Infectious Disease Specialist

Dr. Lartchenko has more than a decade of experience effectively treating orthopedic and surgery-related infections, including those due to spinal instrumentation.

At the Center for Surgical and Orthopedic Infectious Disease, you will find help and hope for:

Orthopedic Infections

Infections of the bones and joints

As people are living longer and more active lives, more individuals are having joint replacement surgery. Dr. Lartchenko is honored to partner with many area orthopedic, vascular, plastic and spine surgeons to care for patients experiencing bone, joint, prosthetic and spinal infections after orthopedic surgery.

Surgical Site Infections

Infections after surgery

A relatively common complication associated with surgery, surgical site infections (SSIs) can lead to more surgeries and other complications if not dealt with effectively. Dr. Lartchenko is a trusted leader in the latest treatments for SSIs.

Features of the Center for Surgical and Orthopedic Infectious Disease:

  • The latest advancements in non-surgical treatments for orthopedic and surgical site infections
  • Specialized antibiotic treatments and combination therapies that are more complex than what you receive at a primary care practice
  • An onsite infusion suite for your comfort and convenience to treat infections after surgery

Convenient Infection Treatment Near You

With comprehensive diagnostic tests and services available in one convenient location, Dr. Lartchenko and his team can diagnose, treat and provide long-term management for your condition.

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