Cellulitis (Skin and Soft Tissue Infection)

Cellulitis Treatment
Cellulitis is a deep skin infection (affecting the skin underneath the outer layer of dermis). The infection is most commonly caused by Staphylococcus or Streptococcus bacteria. Deep skin infections are uncomfortable and annoying to start, but, if not treated quickly, can escalate into a more serious infection. Because the infection is in the lower layers of the skin, it can spread quickly into vital organs and/or lead to a bone infection.

Talking with an expert in infectious disease is an important first step to prevent any unwanted complications.

Texas Infectious Disease Institute is a great choice for treatment of deep skin infections. Dr. Serge Lartchenko has a long history of treating complex infections quickly and effectively. When other infectious disease specialists are stumped, Dr. Lartchenko is someone they can place their trust in. Don’t wait for an ineffective treatment before you contact an expert. Trust one of the best infectious disease experts in North Dallas; schedule an appointment now.


How Do I Know If I Have Cellulitis?

The symptoms are similar to any other infection. Seek medical attention if you experience redness, pain, swelling, or warmth of skin in a localized area. The need for treatment is especially urgent when an infection is in a sensitive part of the body, like the eye socket.

Additionally, people who are at a greater risk of infection need to be particularly aware of cellulitis. Some factors that increase your risk for infection include:


How Serious is Cellulitis?

Most cellulitis infections shouldn’t alarm you. It is a common infection that frequently requires minimal treatment. In some rare instances, more complicated conditions can develop, which is why treatment is important. Some of the rare complications associated with deep skin infections include it spreading to the bloodstream leading to sepsis or blood poisoning and a possibility of gangrene.

If you have an infection confirmed to be cellulitis, do not worry about spreading it to your loved ones. Cellulitis is not contagious, as long as you don’t have an open wound. This is because the infection is within the skin, so the dermis is able to prevent the infection from spreading.


Cellulitis Treatment

If you suspect you have cellulitis, we believe treatment at the Texas Infectious Disease Institute is a great your first step toward recovery. Dr. Serge Lartchenko is one of North Dallas’ leading antibiotic specialists. He can use a series of intravenous antibiotic treatments to assist you in overcoming even the most advanced cellulitis.

Cellulitis is treatable, even when severe. Trust an expert to offer you a top of the line treatment plan. Serge Lartchenko, MD is ready to help your skin become healthy again. Schedule an appointment now.

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