HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)

HIV treatment
In the United States alone, more than a million people live with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Approximately one in five carriers don’t know they have the virus. Texas Infectious Disease Institute is on the frontline of new medical treatments for HIV.

Dr. Lartchenko’s HIV outpatient practice is a comprehensive treatment center, providing a higher quality of care to North Dallas.

Dr. Serge Lartchenko specializes in human immunodeficiency virus treatment. One of his earliest accomplishments was training at the nationally recognized HIV Outpatient Program Clinic (HOP) in New Orleans. Ever since, Dr. Lartchenko has been passionate about treating the most difficult cases of HIV. His breadth of knowledge of antibiotic therapy treatment allows him to help patients who are not achieving effective results from other doctors.

Combining new approaches and innovative therapies, we strive to provide unmatched treatment for HIV and its complications.

Our goal is to help relieve the burden HIV places on the people of DFW. More than ever, HIV is manageable. If detected early, HIV can have a limited effect on the rest of your life. Trust in the doctor that other doctors call when they are stumped with complicated cases of HIV. Schedule an appointment now.


How Do HIV and AIDS Relate to One Another?

HIV is a virus which takes a very long time to progress into its fully formed disease. Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is the condition that develops when the virus is not managed. Human immunodeficiency virus affects the body by attacking white blood cells directly, which leads to the immune deficiency that causes AIDS. People with AIDS are unable to effectively fight other infections, which makes common illnesses, like the flu, dramatically more serious.

It takes several years for HIV to progress into AIDS. During this period patients are contagious. This is also the best time to begin HIV medication therapy. Testing is critical if you participate in any of the risk factors. The biggest factors that put you at risk for HIV are:

  • Having unprotected penetrative sex (without knowing the HIV status of your partner)
  • Having penetrative sex with multiple partners
  • Sharing needles used to inject drugs
  • Using non-sterile needles for piercing or tattoos


What Are the Options for HIV Therapy?

Medical experts agree that HIV therapy should start as soon as possible to prevent the unnecessary loss of white blood cells. As treatment advances, there are fewer and fewer side effects associated with HIV therapies.

The treatment of HIV is one of our passions at Texas Infectious Disease Institute. We want to provide North Texas with a sense of ease when dealing with HIV. This virus is still dangerous, but we believe our medical therapies, combined with compassion and expertise, provide our patients with a sense of security. Schedule an appointment now.

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