Orthopedic Surgical Site Infections

Orthopedic Surgical Site Infection Treatment
While advanced medicine helps mitigate many of the risks associated with orthopedic surgery, a commonly overlooked complication is the risk of infection. We often don’t think of our bones and joints as things that can get infected.

Orthopedic surgery commonly causes localized pain, making it difficult to notice symptoms of infection. Our advanced diagnostic skills can help you determine if there is a more insidious cause to your pain after orthopedic surgery.

Dr. Lartchenko is naturally investigative, and he applies that focus to his practice. If you have any concern about a potential orthopedic SSI, we are a leader in infection diagnosis. Texas Infectious Disease Institute is well connected with area physicians and is ready to exhaust all options to treat your condition and prevent amputation. Serge Lartchenko, MD, has a history of helping patients with seemingly hopeless conditions. Discover what makes Texas Infectious Disease Institute one of the best options for treating stubborn infections. Schedule an appointment now.


Is There Anything I Can do to Prevent Surgical Site Infections?

All orthopedic implants carry a one to five percent risk of infection. Other surgeries present a similar risk, but with our preventative treatments, we can work to decrease that chance. Dr. Lartchenko and his team can offer you preventative services before your surgery and well-tested treatment options if an implant infection does occur. Discuss with your doctor the option of starting an antibiotic treatment before your surgery begins to further mitigate your risk for infections.

Our goal is to eliminate the risk of repeat surgery for orthopedic patients in DFW. We proudly maintain a close relationship with the orthopedic community of North Dallas to fight toward this objective. Working together with the community, Dr. Lartchenko hopes to make surgical site osteomyelitis a thing of the past.

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