Bone Infections (Osteomyelitis)

Osteomyelitis Treatment
Osteomyelitis is an infection of the bone itself. It is an uncommon condition, but it should be taken seriously when it occurs. Symptoms of bone infections develop slowly, so the condition often goes unnoticed until it is severe. If you experience consistent tenderness in a specific bone, consult a doctor immediately.

Effective treatment requires a quick and powerful antibiotic response. Bone infections spread quickly and, if not treated effectively by an infectious disease expert like Dr. Serge Lartchenko, may lead to major tissue loss or amputation.

Untreated bone infections hamstring the rest of the body’s immune system and leave your body weakened. It’s not uncommon to be unable to do your favorite activities as your body remains constantly fatigued. Fortunately, there are more treatment options than ever, and few know them better than Texas Infectious Disease Institute.


Why Choose Texas Infectious Disease Institute to Treat Osteomyelitis?

Dr. Lartchenko has extensive experience treating and managing bone infections. Antibiotic treatments are constantly evolving and Texas Infectious Disease Institute works hard to offer you the most up-to-date and effective treatment options. Dallas area doctors trust Dr. Lartchenko to treat complex infections, like osteomyelitis, because of his innovative techniques and extensive experience.

Certain patients are much greater risk for developing bone infections. Immunocompromised patients and those with diabetes need to be highly aware of bone infections, because they develop infections more easily than other populations. If you are apart of these risk groups and have any infection symptoms, contact Texas Infectious Disease Institute immediately.

Treatment usually involves a four-to-eight-week antibiotic treatment in our comfortable infusion suite. We know that being sick isn’t fun, so we’ve created a relaxing space that will make your recovery process something to look forward to. Texas Infectious Disease Institute strives to make you feel like you are in the greatest hands possible for treatment of this complex infection. Schedule an appointment now.

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